Amanda 365/365

The Hip Housewife bids a fond farewell to Photographic State! Thanks for a
great year everyone!

RobinTwo 365/365 we are.........365/365!!! I was trying to figure out what I
wanted to post today for my past picture and figured this about sums it
up.............This project really has helped me realize that.............

Life truly IS good................. ;)

PS-Thank you everyone for touching my life through your pictures and
comments.......and a BIG thanks to Kirsten for making this possible.......
I'll be "stalking" in 2011.... ;)

kirsten 365/365

So many times I thought about picking up my camera today to take a photo but
it never happened. I did remind myself to take a photo BEFORE we dive into
dinner. So I end year two with Kielbasa Pasta Casserole.

I'm excited for next year but sad because some past members wont be joining
us. I hear that they will be keeping an eye out for year 4. :D I can't wait
to learn about our new members and grow a little more with the past. Good
Bye PS2010. See you tomorrow PS2011!

meg 365/365

WOW! today wraps up a year of photos. it is also the 2 year mark for me
shaving my head and donating my hair to Locks of Love. it was my third time
doing it. the left is me, two years ago today. the right is me today.
what a difference 2 years can make!

Jean 365/365

Another year in the books. Been full of a lot of ups and downs, and I'm
kind of happy to put it to bed tonight with high hopes for a better, happier
year to come. And so, this is my ass. Year two, don't let the door hit you
in the butt on the way out. See ya'll tomorrow.

ROBIN 365/365

Goodbye Photostate2010.

chelle 365/365

and my family is home! Petra's on the sofa behind me. they got back in
really late so i ended up staying another night. totally worth it to spend
time with my honorary nieces this morning and hear all about disneyland from
miss starlet. :)

and so ends year two. missed some days here and there but that's okay, life
is what life is. see you in year three! <3

Lynn 365/365

This picture is the first one I posted 2 years ago. I figured it would give
me some closure (not so much). It has been such great fun blogging with you
ladies and getting a small glimpse into your lives and giving you a glimpse
into mine. I will miss you very much. However, I will be a follower in
year 3 so keep those great pictures and commentary coming. I am sure you
will be getting some random and wacky comments from me.

Jody 365/365

As we bid 2010 adieu, I wanted to have a perfect picture and for me a
picture with Sammie visiting me ALL day at the nursing home was awesome!!
She makes me laugh, oh how I love her so!!!!

Kt 365/365

Why does this always happen? No matter how I hold her leash, at some point
it always ends up caught in her armpit!

Rachel 365/365

I tried to come up with a good picture today, but my migraine (which made me
feel cross eyed all day) decided I should try and nap instead. So here's the
recycle pile in my hallway. I don't understand what the point of having a
recycling program is if when the can is full, we simply place an extra one
next to it... after almost a week of it being full. Because emptying it
makes too much sense.

jennifer11 365/365

Poor Caesar is sad that PS 2010 is over... but never fear- on to Year

Renatta 365/365

The end of year two.
There were many times this year when I just wanted to stop taking a damn
picture every day and sometimes I had to force myself to keep going. But
because when I'm committed to something, I don't give up. Thanks for being
kind throughout the year and sharing details of your lives with me.

Liz 365/365

*MWAH* to all my Photostate friends. Thanks so much for hanging with me over
the last nine months. What a messed up journey, eh? I'm hoping this next
round is downright boring.

Monique 365/365

Cheating like crazy here, but there’s a **great** back story to this image
from 3-10-11! I don’t expect much of anyone to recognize this old fella;
back in the late 1960s (when they were apparently still chiseling Social
Security numbers on stone tablets according to my younger friends) he was
the lead guitar for Procul Harum. Thanks to my dad, I was raised with
somewhat eclectic tastes in rock & roll, and in 1976 at the venerable age of
FIVE I stood in the hallway at three in the morning to snarl “And I bet he
played ‘Alethea’ *really* loud!” when my parents got home from watching him
play to a packed house at the 12,000-seat Portland Memorial Coliseum. His
name is Robin Trower, and in 2009 my awesome wonderful neighbor packed me in
his truck and helped me fulfill the 33-year-old desire to see this guy play
live! Having been under the impression since like Y2K that Trower had
retired due to arthritic hands, I was foaming at the mouth to get to see him
for real and it was incredible. I remember bursting into tears when he
actually walked out on the stage in front of me and my camera. We went
again this spring—Trower is, as you can see, not a young man, so it seems
like a good time to catch him at any chance—and had a better time than we
could ever have imagined. Same venue, The Knitting Factory in Spokane, but
this time a crew monkey overheard me being nervous about my neighbor getting
a seat, since the amount of time we spent standing in ’09 was terribly hard
on his back and ankles (this is the usual-suspect neighbor, whose feet are
best described as “on there sideways” and who broke several lumbar vertebrae
in a work accident in ‘82). I was told to find Ed, and that proved to be
the best advice I could have gotten. Ed is the KF’s head of security, and
he is a *joy* to work with: professional, personable, smart, efficient,
well-spoken, and ideal for the job because he’s also about six foot
fourteen. He made sure we got seated, and in a really nice section, and
that a waitress was keeping an eye on our supply of drinking water. The
Knitting Factory does have a full bar, and although we never bought drinks
we never ran dry on those cups of water. I caught wind of an
autograph-involving event after the show from someone else entirely and
begged my way into the special wristband for it, and later into one for my
neighbor. When Ed saw us in that group, he unlocked a staff elevator so my
neighbor wouldn’t have to do stairs, gave us a security escort so we
wouldn’t get hassled…and took us to the front of the *“O holy Lord this is a
meet-and-greet!!!” *line! I thought my head was gonna ‘splode when I got to
shake Robin Trower’s real live right hand and tell him yes, I **did** just
say “since 1976”!!! I had my hat on, so I think the look he gave me for
that had a lot to do with it hiding all my gray hair…but it’s for damn sure
I night I will never ever forget.

Linda 365/365

I was hoping to have some astounding picture for the final pic of the year
but instead I had to rush poor Gussy over to the vet because he has some
sort of bladder or urinary tract infection. Crap.

RobinTwo 364/365

Okay, It was a slow day and I still didn't have a pic by this evening so
upon carrying my camera in the bathroom with me before getting in the
shower, so you get a little peek at my tramp was that
or, my "stubble trouble" as a result of my bikini wax.......I decided to
spair you all of that.......

your welcome............. ;)

chelle 364/365

all ready to go home!

Jody 364/365

Aaron visited all the way from Pittsburgh & brought Scrabble! I lost, but
only by 50, so I consider that a win against the Scrabble Master!

He also got me McDonalds ~ ahhhhh, I love me a Shamrock Shake!!

jennifer11 364/365

lucas painted a picture that i just love- so i framed it and hung it in the

Liz 364/365

Neal's brother D also came up to pick up family photos, etc. from SIL's
house. Here he makes the acquaintance of my iPad.

It's extremely inappropriate, but I think I have a bit of a crush on D.
Probably because he looks so much like Neal. Good thing he lives over 600
miles away.

I had a blast hanging with the two guys this weekend. Reminded me how much I
really like (and miss) men... sigh...

Kirsten 364/365

I LOVE my camera. I can actually get GOOD shots of Bailey. This one
instantly put a smile on my face.

meg 364/365

here's my mere flesh wound as it has started to heal.

Lynn 364/365

We skied 10 miles today - my longest ski ever - and no falls! I imagine I
will feel it tonight....

ROBIN 364/365

The man continues to capture my heart.

Renatta 364/365

Laying on my bed, trying to get unsick.

Kt 364/365

Plastic bag blowing around up in my backyard tree, like in "American
Beauty." What a strange and tragic movie...

Rachel 364/365

First snow... now thunderstorms and HAIL? I wish the weather would just make
up it's mind! Stupid Illinois weather.

Jean 364/365

Got a TON of snow overnight. Between ten inches and a foot, depending on
where you measure, as C. demonstrates here. :)

Monique 364/365

This turned out to be a bird-tastic day, with almost 200 good bird images
thanks to a walk in the park. How appropriate that it began with these
wing-form sunrise clouds!

Linda 364/365

New yarn for a blanket I am knitting.

Monique 363/365

Another great fortune in my life these days is getting to surround myself
with things that are beautiful so I can have them handy for photo ops, like
the reflected colors of a winter-pink dawn in crystal ornaments that hang
right behind my computer desk.

chelle 363/365

neville's been my most frequent companion this week.

Jody 363/265

Went with Jen (yes I left the nursing home for a day) to the Women Helping &
Encouraging Women Conference today ~ had a good time, but boy am I pooped!

jennifer11 363/365

my friend & i went to see ron white tonight. massive margaritas were
consumed and we had an epic time!!

Liz 363/365

Neal's nephew Dr. J is in town to deal with SIL's house. Sweetie is

Kirsten 363/365

Tyler and I at a friends party. That we got to go to. Without kids. All
night. OMG! :D My cheeks hurt from laughing all night.

meg 363/365

Love this ice cream!

Amanda 363/365

He was supposed to have his first skateboard lesson today, but he didn't
want to. I reacted badly and now he and his dad will be going by

Renatta 363/365

Laundromat. Feeling awful - sinus-y and flu-like.

Rachel 363/365

I got Judy to send me a picture of her performance art piece (354/365)
because you guys wanted to see it... so here's the finished product.

Jean 363/365

Photo credit to Clint after I had gone to bed. Our dogs NEVER snuggle with
each other, so seeing them laying together like this is a seriously
photo-worthy moment. Made me smile when I saw it in the morning.

Linda 363/365

Hooray for Easter! The peanut butter egg has risen!

ROBIN 363/365

Busy day full of errands and chores and now we are headed for bed.

Kt 363/365

Baked fish with stewed tomatoes and wild rice fresh and hot from the oven.
Thought the pic was cool 'cause you can see the steam.

RobinTwo 363/365

So...................Guess who "mean ol Robin" insisted at least TRY
rollerblades for just 15 minutes at the skating rink tonight? And guess who
after not more then 2 minutes, decided he LOVED them and they were WAY
easier then regular skates? Thats right, Kole was a skating FOOL in no time
and couldn't WAIT to tell his brother that he can now skate better then
him......Guess "mean ol Robin" sometimes knows what shes talking about.....

Lynn 363/365

Layla's secret spot in the closet.

Monique 362/365

Another photographic up side: reflected light off fresh snow means
crazy-fast shutter speeds! I think I took this at 1/1250.

jennifer11 362/365

my spacious new office at the construction site. ; )

Liz 362/365

At some point I need to figure out how to get through each day without a vat
of Diet Coke. Not sure how much more my aging bladder can take.



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